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Since 1936

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Historical review

Bukuras, a name a story…
Starting from the year 1936 and continuing its journey through time.
The area of mopeds and motorcycles has always been the area in which the Bukura family has been active.
It all started with Ioannis E. Boukouras, in the year 1936, who was the pioneer of dealing with the field of mopeds and motorcycles, starting with the sale of bicycles and then with the start of the collaboration and with the sale of the loudest ΄ ΄Brand name΄΄ of the time, Sachs.
Efstathios I. Boukouras continued his involvement in the field of motoring, who dealt with the retail sale of almost all the ΄΄brand names΄΄ of the market such as Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Piaggio, etc.
The subsequent development in the motorcycle field comes with the creation of the company Boukouras Ltd. whose main occupation was the import of used mopeds and motorcycles from Japan in the 80’s-90’s and their sale throughout Greece, both wholesale and retail.
After the great appeal of used mopeds and motorcycles and the number of sales to traders and private individuals, the need arises for the import of new mopeds and motorcycles and the decision is made…
A rather important event for the time, takes place, as Efstathios I. Boukouras, a connoisseur of the Asian market, becomes the first Greek to land at the airport of Beijing, then communist China, in the year 1993, for the purpose of trade and negotiations with large factories in the country. A little later, in the year 1996, the company Boukouras SA was created, which, apart from its other activities, aims to support the import of new mopeds and motorcycles from China, from Taiwan, and from other countries as well of Asia, with simultaneous support in spare parts for all the models it imports.
After this long journey and all this experience as well as the know-how of so many years, the third generation of the Bukura family is slowly assuming its role along the way, wanting to preserve the family character of the business and the legacy of the previous generations but also to play an active role in her everyday life.
After all, all that was conquered could not be lost, but neither could it go unexploited.

And the story continues…